Pacific RISE, from its inception, has considered gender-based violence a material risk to investors due to its prevalence across all levels of society in the Pacific Islands.

Reports have shown that impacts on businesses and greater society are great[1]. Governments take this seriously, and in November 2018, Samoa included gender-based violence in their national security policy alongside risks such as border protection, climate change and cybersecurity.

As a material risk, it can be mitigated against. To reduce these risks, however, you need to understand them.  So, Pacific RISE has spent the period of the 16 Days of Activist working with the Criterion Institute, a Pacific RISE partner who is committed to addressing gender-based violence, to develop a gender-based violence due diligence tool.  This tool enables investors to enhance their diligence processes and to understand a business’ potential exposure to the risks of gender-based violence.  It will also help to gain clarity around their positive or negative impact on the root causes and incidence of gender-based violence, both intended and unintended.

The tool, which is in the final stages of completion and is being designed with gender-based violence experts from the Pacific, as well as global financial experts and investors.

The 16 Days of Activism has passed, but our commitment is ongoing.

[1]Pacific RISE has developed a Pacific Gender Equality Resource Tool that contains research reports on issues of gender affecting Pacific Islanders, including gender-based violence.  Access it here.