Gender Lens Tools

Gender Equality Resource Tool

Pacific RISE has developed a series of tools to support the movement of capital into the Pacific using a gender lens.  These include the Pacific RISE Gender Equality Resource Tool created to facilitate a well-informed gender lens analysis in the Pacific, with particular sight to social enterprises and social impact.

A critical aspect of investing with a gender lens involves understanding underlying gender norms, patterns and inequalities that exist in a setting or industry and investing in a way that addresses them intelligently, respectfully and considering the context.

The Pacific RISE Investment Thesis is an important guide for Pacific RISE and so this tool follows the six future trends and provides peer-reviewed studies and articles that focus on specific geographies, gender inequalities and sectors / industries in the Pacific.

Users can search the tool for resources that are most applicable to their analysis, further deepening their understanding of gender in context.

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World first – Gender-based violence Investment Due Diligence tool

Pacific countries have some of the highest rates of gender-based violence in the world.

Pacific RISE has partnered with the Criterion Institute—a leading think tank in gender lens investing—to design a gender-based violence due diligence tool to help investors assess how the incidence and consequences of gender-based violence pose a set of risks to an investment.

Across all countries, gender-based violence exists in society and therefore creates market risk for a company. It can be facilitated by the practices in an industry or a sector and therefore creates sector risk; and, it is shaped by the practices in a company, therefore creates enterprise risk. Being able to assess risk as an investor from each of these vantage points aims to support investors make better decisions and lead to better impact outcomes.

The tool lays out the factors, including policy, practices, and norms, that affect the incidence of violence in countries or communities, in sectors or industries, and in the company themselves; indicators that can be incorporated into an investor’s existing due diligence process and provides a set of recommendations for terms to incorporate into the structure of the deal and approaches post-investment that could mitigate additional risks.

The tool highlights that raising issues of gender-based violence in a due diligence process is complex and also showcases examples of best practices for addressing this complexity to ensure that asking questions about gender-based violence does not lead to unintended consequences.

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Sharing gender lens investing lessons

Pacific RISE is part of a small but growing field of impact investing programs funded by the Australian Government.  As such the initiative shares its knowledge and resources with other programs.  This occurs formally and informally.

Other programs also provide information on applying a gender lens including:

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