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Broadening the network and deepening the investment pipeline – third round of applications.

As Pacific RISE nears its mid-point, the third round of applications saw a new intermediary join the program and an established partner expanding their work. As a pilot, Pacific RISE is continually learning and adapting, and the latest round of applications provoked us to strengthen our resolve to fund only those applications where there is a clear line of sight to capital flow before June 2019.  As the program evolves so too do our expectations of the role that intermediaries can play in building the impact investment market in the Pacific.  As a result, only two intermediaries were funded in this third round.  You can read more about them below.

Additional support for intermediaries and an updated investment thesis

To achieve our goal of closing deals worth AUD 5 million in the Pacific, we will continue to support financial intermediaries that can demonstrate capability in building investible opportunities and demonstrating access to capital flows. We are also updating our processes and new systems of support including webinars which provide lessons and insights from previous scoping rounds and will assist intermediaries in preparing strong applications for scoping round four which is open until 4 April 2018.  Access our first webinar here.

Our online investment thesis has also been recently updated.  Pacific RISE’s investment thesis has been developed using trends and insights drawn from the Pacific, which broadens the possibilities about potential investments and future for the Pacific.

Review Pacific RISE’s investment thesis

TDi-PNGFunded project: Enterprise development, Fiji, Vanuatu and Solomon Islands
Intermediary: The Difference Incubator (TDi)
Countries: Fiji, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands
Sectors: Agriculture, fisheries and forestry

Continuing to build on previous scoping rounds TDi will provide targeted support to four social enterprises in its pipeline. Through Pacific RISE funding the social enterprises will be fast-tracked to investment readiness, and ultimately receive investment.  TDi’s Pacific team will work with these four businesses over a period of four months to accelerate their development towards investment.

More information on TDi visit

Funded project: YHER – Pacific
Intermediary: YGAP
Countries: Across the Pacific
Sectors: Social enterprise or entrepreneurial support program

For over nine years, YGAP has been working with more than 300 entrepreneurs whose ventures improves the lives of people living in disadvantage.  Over 50 per cent of the entrepreneurs YGAP worked with are female.  Over the last two years YGAP have gone further with their support of female entrepreneurship.  YGAP has run the YHER Africa program supporting 37 female entrepreneurs whose business ideas deliver products and services that improve the quality of lives women and girls. After demonstrating their success to support female entrepreneurs to receive investment and become sustainable, Pacific RISE has approved YGAP funding to identify and nurture women-led businesses in the Pacific to do the same.  As part of their funding, YGAP are hiring a program manager, scoping the ecosystem and identifying pipeline and partners and then will pilot their YHER model — a four-step program with Pacific based high potential social ventures.  The ultimate aim is to have an enterprise move to investment readiness.

More information on YGAP visit

The fourth round of scoping applications is now open and will close on 4 April 2018.  Contact for more information.

Pacific RISE has a goal of supporting $5 million of investment into the Pacific by the end of 2019.

Feature image courtesy of The Difference Incubator (TDi).