Adaptability, Resilience.  Thinking outside the square.

By Belinda Roselli, Mammas Laef Vanuatu.  Photo Credit: Mammas Laef


Adaptability is a skill we all need to learn.  The people of the Pacific are particularly good at this.  Mary from Mammas Laef Vanuatu excels at this!

In early March 2020, the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic meant there was a shortage of the supplies of medical-grade personal protective equipment (PPE) across the globe.  In Vanuatu, a local doctor thought that fabric face masks, in addition to handwashing, would help improve hygiene habits.  So, with the support of Marc Antoine from V Lab, Mammas Laef under the watchful eye of Mary started a local product of facemasks.

Soon Mammas Laef were producing 100% cotton, 3-layer protective face masks and were selling them at a local store.  The masks packaging includes clear written instructions on how to wear and care for the masks.  There were instructions on how to wash hands properly, further promoting the message of regular handwashing.

Then, with Cyclone Harold hitting Vanuatu’s shores in April, again stepped up to support their community by increasing production of the product they are known best for, their reusable menstrual pads.

Adaptability, Resilience.  Thinking outside the square.

Pacific RISE postscript: Our investment thesis believes that the resilience of the Pacific people is an excellent asset to investors and stories like this from Mammas Laef demonstrate that.

When Pacific RISE was researching its investment thesis, one theme that kept coming up time and time again is the resilience of Pacific islanders and their ability to find new ways to support their communities when new challenges arise.  This is even more relevant now, in this time of COVID.  There is an opportunity for investors to invest in adaption and resilience.